Name: Carlos R.

Occupation: Construction Foreman

Member Since: June 2019

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself Carlos?
A: Hi guys, my name is Carlos. I’m a union construction worker in New York City.

Q: What does a day in the life of Carlos look like?
A: The day starts at 5AM. Actually, it’s more like 5:30AM but let’s pretend I don’t take mad long to get out of bed. On the way to work I drop by 7-11 to get breakfast and then I’m at the site by 6:30AM. I have a meeting with the crew and then we’re working until lunchtime. Sometimes I stay at the site and help where I’m needed. Sometimes I have to go to other sites to make sure things are running smoothly. Once it’s 4PM we’re off.

Q: What’s it like using a Brooklyness scooter?
A: Oh man I love this thing. Sometimes I need to go to different sites throughout the day and I use your scooter. It makes things a lot easier because I don’t have to look for parking or get stuck in traffic. It’s actually pretty fun. I like to keep it in my truck and sometimes the guys borrow it.

Q: What do you love most about Brooklyness?
A: The customer service. And maintenance. I bought a scooter off Amazon and it broke on me in less than a month. That’s actually how I found out about you guys. I called you to see if you could fix it and then just ended up getting a Brooklyness scooter instead. Whenever I have a question I know I can just give you guys a call and you’ll be there to fix it.

Q: That’s awesome. Okay wrapping up, what advice would you give to other foremen or construction workers?
A: Speak up if you need something. When I first started I was scared to ask for things when I needed it but it hurts you and the team more than anything else. And don’t forget to fill out your paperwork.

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